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Rain and French Bulldogs

Volume 15 Issue 7, July 2018

What's New in July?

We are headed into the hot summer months and enjoying a few days of downpours that will keep the ground from drying out and the flowers from wilting. It’s been quiet at the bird feeder, but we still have the regulars popping in for a bite or two before it gets too hot out. The cardinals are our resident clocks. They are here at dawn and the last to leave at night. When the feeder gets low, someone always comes and hops around on the porch railing to let us know.

We saw a possum the other day, and the raccoon thinks that the front porch is his resting spot. Both need to move on.

I managed to get some new projects completed and all are listed. There are new earrings and bracelets, but most importantly, there are new hot rod keychains that I have been promising for what, three or four years now?

Before you stop over to see the hot rods, here is the cover to my latest book! Click to buy.

What’s New

Key rings: I added quite a few new hot rod keyrings for the guys.

Charms: I decided not to keep all the charms to myself, and started offering them for sale in my shop. They are located under the bead section.

Bangle Bracelets: New dog breed bangles are now in stock. I have plenty more to do, but for now, there are 13 or so.

You will find all of my beads, canes and finished jewelry on my website. www.bluemorningexpressions.com

Until next month,


Things to Look Forward To:

New Products:

Cross Stitch Patterns: As many of you may have noticed, my cross stitch patterns are almost all loaded on the website. I have another 20 or so to add before I can start doing more designing.

Posters: I am working on my bible verse posters as we speak.

Coasters: Another new product is a line of drink coasters that go with my mugs. Still have not put them all together yet, but am working on it.






















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