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Shipments and Delivery

Shipping is calculated at a FLAT RATE. You pay ONE shipping charge no matter how many goodies you put in the box. If the box fills up, we get a bigger box. You win by only paying one shipping fee. 

All my beads, canes and jewelry are packaged very well in bubblewrap and a sturdy box to keep all the contents safe for shipping. I use new boxes and ensure that the package is well padded, taped and the label is reinforced to get your package to you in super-duper great shape.

Blu and I have been shipping beads, canes and jewelry for over 10 years, and we have a great little system. Your box is prepared as soon as your payment clears, which usually means it is packaged the same day.

However, echecks do require clearing through paypal before we ship.

The boxes we use are new and have been selected to meet our standard size shipping. Blu pawprints the package for delivery after all the contents have been checked and double checked.

We send everything through USPS First Class post, including our International post. All domestic shipments include tracking and delivery confirmation for both of us.

Insurance is included on our items. We self-insure for the majority of our items due to the nature of them. One of a kind items are insured by the carrier.

If Your Package is Damaged

Should something happen, please assist us in getting the proper paperwork to the postal service. This means photos of the damaged package and contents. Please do not throw away a damaged package. We will make it right to you; please help us get the proper responsible party make it right to us.

Delivery Confirmation

We ship everything domestic with delivery confirmation attached. This means that at any given time, we are able to track your package or at least can determine where it was last seen enroute to your house.

The postal service is not infallible, and things can go missing in transit. We want your package to get to you, so if there is a delivery problem, please let us know.

We can then start backtracking to find out where it went sideways. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to your post office to find a missing package.

Should a package show delivered to you, and it is not in your hands, we have a system in place to help locate that missing package.

These steps will help us start the process of locating your package:

  • Ask your family and friends if they picked it up for you.
  • Check with your neighbors to see if they received your package.
  • Call your post office and ask if your carrier remembers where they left the package. They now have GPS tracking that can find packages quickly.
  • Check around the outside of your house, like in the bushes, for your package.
  • Apartment and condo dwellers should check with their security gate, apartment managers or other community centers.

Let us know who you spoke with, since we will be working on filing mail theft charges. We will be calling the Postmaster General and filing a complaint. Since mail theft is a federal offense, should your package be stolen, we will need to file the proper charges with your local postmaster and law enforcement agency.

We have been very fortunate to only have three instances of a delivered item being missing in the last 13 years and thousands of packages. Two were found around the home, and one was under the seat of the customer's truck. We consider the odds of a package being stolen after delivery to be very, very low, which is great news for us and you.


International customers are responsible for all duty tariff or VAT fees related to their purchase, and we are not able to a mark shipment as gift or declare a lesser merchandise value on the tax form.

If you need to know what import or VAT taxes your country will charge you in advance, please consult your Post Office or government tax office.

We truly do understand the hindrance that is put upon you by your country's fees and taxes, but there is nothing that we can do to help.

Should you refuse delivery, we will not refund postage paid, but will refund the price of the items minus a restocking fee. Please be aware that the refund can take several months while the items are being returned to us. Please note: All refused packages are documented by Customs, so there is a paper trail of notices left for pickup and the refusal to pickup.



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