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Blue Morning Expressions Publications with Handmade Artists and Gift Ideas

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As part of our continuing effort to give a hand to our handmade friends, here are a sampling of the ezines that we have published together. There are a lot of articles included, and if you are looking for Christmas or holiday cookie recipes, then our Christmas guide is a great place to start. 



As part of our summer fun issue, we included a number of fun foods for summer, as well as hints, tips and other ways to prevent summer from bringing you a trip to the emergency room.




We had a big publication during Mother's Day 2014, and this ezine is filled with all of the birthstones and other important information you need to buy the right gift for those on your gift list. The months have been republished during our 2017 Mother's Day campaign, and can be seen as individual posts under the Buy Handmade from Makers section. Here is the complete ezine.


While it's been awhile since we have published an ezine, we still have these available for download. Some of the artists may have moved onto other venues, as 2014 was a big year for change for many of us on the handmade front as we moved from one venue to another, but there should be enough information to locate their new websites. 

If in doubt, ask us. Blu and I are happy to track our friends down for you ;)

Happy shopping!

Julie and Blu

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