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handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace handmade necklace

Gemstone and Lampwork Beaded Necklace, Handmade Necklace for Women, Fashion Jewelry with Dragon's Blood Jasper


Multi-Strand Beaded Necklace with Lampwork Dragon Scale Bead and Dragon's Blood Jasper


The constellation of the dragon is called Draco, which is Latin for dragon. It never sets for those who observe it from the northern hemisphere.

The dragon eye in this beautiful artisan lampwork bead is the focus of Draco, and is the second in my series of ten Dragon Eye Series of necklaces. This bead was formed from fire in Kentucky, and the artist has coaxed gorgeous colors from her threads of glass. Draco's pale amber eye is filled with swirls of purple and rust oranges deep inside the eye. The colors are formed around the tiny pupil that stares without blinking.

Draco's eye is enclosed in the green and yellow reptilian scales that surround it, and there are tiny points of amber that sweep along the eye to the edge of the front. The backside of the 30mm bead is rich with scales in green, gold and amber glass. Each individual scale is rich with color and visual texture. The bead is silky smooth with the exception of the eye and the tiny points of glass that accent the eye.

A Stunning Statement Necklace

I purchased the dragon's blood jasper specifically for this bead. The jasper gemstone is polished and natural. I used ovals, 4mm and 6mm round stones for this three strand necklace. The strands are dashed with 4mm Swarovski crystals in blood red and smoky black diamond bicones.

I finished the ends of the strands with Czech seed beads in russet cranberry to match the red Swarovski and the blood red in the jasper. The ends of the necklace are finished with silver toned crimp covers and wire guards that are hung on a pewter toggle clasp. The strands are graduated with the longest strand being 22-inches. This is also the strand that is home to Draco's eye.

The entire necklace is a stunning example of talented glass work and gorgeous natural stones.

It is a conversation starter, and it is an elegant piece to wear to parties or other events.
Where did you get that awesome necklace?! That's what your friends are going to ask when they see you wearing this mulit-strand dragons' blood jasper gemstone and lampwork bead beauty.
There is only one of these. Buy it now.
  • Style: Necklace
  • Materials: Glass, jasper, Swarovski crystals, plated metals
  • Size: 22 inches at the longest strand
  • Stock: Draco
  • Blue Morning Expressions

This necklace has been created using a beautiful lampwork (glass beads created with a torch) bead from a talented glass artist. I used dragon's blood jasper gemstones to give this necklace even more power than the eye of the dragon. Draco is named for the constellation that is seen in the northern hemisphere and created from the torch of one of my favorite glass bead artists. This necklace is multi-strand and the dragon's blood jasper is in many sizes and shapes. I added Swarovski crystals for even more color and sparkle.

The longest strand is 22-inch where the lampwork bead lies.

Since I love lampwork beads, I do my best to find some of the most unique and magnificent beads that I can find. I only buy from flame artists and never buy cheap imported glass beads.

These are glass beaded jewelry; take care to handle them gently with love.

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